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Category Archives: Adolescents

Safe or vulnerable?

They’re immature, self-obsessed and entitled. For a generation, the millennials surely get their fair share of criticism. But a recent book iGen discovered an interesting quality of the generation – they are obsessed with safety. They are safer drivers, with fewer accidents and tickets, and are half as likely as Gen X-ers to get in […]

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Focus: Glorifying suicide?

In the UAE, a school asked parents to beware of a TV show ‘13 Reasons Why’, a teen drama which shows a high schoolgirl who kills herself. The school claimed that the TV show is “so influential that teenagers nurture thoughts of killing themselves rather than confronting the challenges in life”. We asked Gulf News […]

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Dangerous social media challenges play on children’s minds

Every time an ill-intended challenge goes viral, the young are susceptible. Gulf News, 22 August 2015      

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New Trend: Drugs of a digital nature

It seems drug taking has now caught up with the rest of the world by going digital. The act of getting high odd music may invite total skepticism to most but some claim that’s exactly the kind of effect digital drugs is having on users. Khaleej Times, 12 November 2014        

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